Monday, October 19, 2009

About Us

Natural esSCENTials is a family business that began out of a passion for all things natural and has turned into a shop that is simply about living, giving and helping others to create a home naturally reflecting their true spirit.

Our blog will have tips and suggestions for those wanting to create a home haven, steps on how to integrate a simple living lifestyle in your own journey, links for inspiration, workshop opportunities teaching how to make home decor items yourself that would cost much more if purchased in-store, ideas on how to offer gifts of thanksgiving and gratitude to others, and of course we'll be featuring products that are near and dear to our hearts.

With the uncertainty of the economy, more people are seeing the advantages of getting back to basics and living a more simple life. But "living-simply" does not mean "living-less" and can actually bring more fulfillment.

My Grandmother was a woman who followed this philosophy to the letter. She passed away last Christmas Eve, but I feel the essence of her spirit with us as we work on things for our shop. She inspired me, always encouraged me to follow my dreams and she has forever changed how my eyes view this life.

Grandmother was a woman of grace, integrity, and love and she never missed an opportunity to give. No matter what she had, if someone needed it, she gave. I still have fond memories of a magical spot in her home called "The Gift Closet." It was a place that held treasured pieces, wrapping of all kinds, tissue in a rainbow of colors and cards for any occasion.

When she saw an item on sale or found things that others might discard, my Grandmother would takes these things and turn them into a gift of love that anyone would be honored to receive. She prepared for opportunities to give. If a child stopped by her home with a parent who was bringing a holiday present, Grandmother wanted to make sure she had something for that child too so he or she would feel special. Grandmother knew what it was like during tough times...times when others were getting dolls and candy for Christmas, she received socks and an orange.

So, we're on a journey to embrace the simplicity that makes life fun and magical...a path that was forged by my Grandmother and my Mother. Both of these women have passed down a legacy of what giving from the heart. As we craft items for our shop's "Gift Closet" filled with the Natural esSCENTials of giving and living, we hope you join us. You never know what you might find to fill "The Gift Closet" in your own home (:


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