Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank Your Local Protectors

Usually I begin Christmas decorating on November 30th, but this year things have been moving rather slowly. On one of many errands to gather Christmas decorations this evening I came across several accidents with fire trucks and rescue crews racing to the scene. While sitting in traffic I began to pray for those involved in the accidents as well as those rushing to offer help. Thankfulness for those who put there lives on the line embraced my heart. Thankfulness for the families who send their loved ones out each day, not knowing if they will return.

This season offer a gift of thanks to those in your community who help keep you fighters, police, service men and women, the crossing guard for your local school, etc. Reach out and let them know they're appreciated. Make it a family affair and get the kids involved. Bake cookies and decorate handmade cards. It doesn't cost much, but a handmade gift means more than you would ever imagine. Contact your local USO to see what items they might need for the troops and put together care packages for service members. Christmas cards written with notes of thanks for their service would mean the world too!

We have a fire station close by our home so I'll be dropping by with a basket of cookies to let them know someone is thinking about them. Doing little things like this throughout the holiday season brings the true meaning of Christmas closer. It's not about presents or glowing Christmas lights, but it's about sharing the gift of love with those around us. So begin thinking of ways to give thanks this season and get creative (:


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