Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Small Kitchen? - IKEA is the Answer!

If you have a tiny kitchen the easiest way to get more space is to take things up! Up the walls, on the sides of things, on top of kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. We have a tiny kitchen and there has never been enough space for our pots and lids. Storing them in the oven got to be a bit much! The answer? IKEA!

Ah...one of my favorite stores (: This particular rail and basket series is BYGEL and only cost me $36. I looked everywhere for a wall system and couldn't find anything less than $250 for an entire unit. This system gives double the storage than any of the units I found and you can't beat it for under $40!!! Plus it allows space underneath for my rolling recycling bins. Here's a list of the items chosen and the cost:


ChallenCharms said...

I do love ikea :)

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